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Over the years, Stuff’d has been able to grow steadily because we have been single-minded in our goal, which is to connect more people with real food that is freshly prepared yet affordable. This has resonated well with our customers and we have been building an ever-growing, vibrant community.

We are keen to work with like-minded international partners who share our goal and would love to join our extended family. Our preference is to work with one dedicated / exclusive partner in each territory as we like to build deep, meaningful and long-lasting relationships with each of our partners.


We have worked hard to design a concept that is built on a better platform to reach out to our communities.

Better Unit Economics

Better Unit Economics

Our efficient processes and lean footprint allow us to be 2X smaller than our nearest competitors, lowering operation, startup and rental cost. We also generate high sales per square foot in the countries we are in.
Consistently Better Food and Systems

Consistently Better Food and Systems

Our food is prepared fresh and taste better. However, fresh food is not easy though. We took years developing robust systems to protect the consistent delivery of natural tasty food.

Strong Scalability Potential

Strong Scalability Potential

The Stuff’d system is designed on a platform for scale so as to reach out to a wider community and can be easily adapted into most high traffic locations.

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    We are looking for partners who share our values and vision and are passionate about building a successful fresh casual dining brand.

    Prior experience in F&B management (quick service, casual dining)
    would be highly advantageous

    Possess and have existing relationships with a network of in-market food suppliers, location partners

    Have access to capital and relevant resources to support the development of the brands in a given territory

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Stuff’d?

Stuff’d is a fresh casual, quick-service and halal-certified Mexican-Turkish concept founded in Singapore in 2014.

What type of partnership is Stuff’d open to?

Our preference is to work with one partner for a given territory/country. Where possible, we would like to explore joint venture partnerships with experienced F&B operators to develop the brand together. We are also open to consider territory franchising if foreign participation is restrictive due to government regulations and/or other local factors.

How much does it cost to build a typical Stuff’d restaurant?

The total investment cost varies across restaurants and depends on several local factors as such geographical area, size of the restaurant, etc, but as a gauge, the estimated investment required is about US$120,000 – US$180,000.

Does Stuff’d provide financing for restaurant development?

No, Stuff’d does not provide financing.

Is the concept restricted to a take-out format, or could there be an option for dine-in and/or delivery?

Stuff’d primarily operates on a take-out format without seating capacity. However, we will work with the partner to determine if there should be an option for dine-in and/or delivery in your market.

Does Stuff’d determine the site where the restaurant is to be build?

No, the partner will select the site; however, a representative of Stuff’d must approve each location.

How do the ingredients & equipment in my restaurant(s) get approved?

In all international markets, the partner will strive to find appropriate in-market sources for ingredients and equipment. If and when after sourcing, the product and equipment does not meet our high quality specifications, that product must be imported from an approved Stuff’d supplier.

Are there restrictions on the products that can be sold?

In order to control the quality of our products, Stuff’d has a base core menu. However, we will work with the partner to adapt some other items that may appeal to the in-market customer base.


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